About Me

About Greg Simerlink 2013Greetings and welcome to my world, or at least a digital slice of it. The primary purpose of this website is to serve as a central point to all of the things that interest me in life…at least the portions that are online. Information about my career, hobbies, social media, music and anything else that strikes my fancy, they are all here. There are also links to all of my social media accounts and to any of the other websites which I own.

This is currently my fourth¬†iteration of my personal site and while it is basic right now it will grow, mutate and continue to expand. So thanks for visiting and I hope you return, because when you do there will be even more to see! If you have questions about me or any of my interests feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you. I’m very friendly and love to meet new people from all over the globe.

Have a splendid day!