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Team Grrr Arrgh – Dayton Road Rally Treasure Hunt Team

Team Grrr…Arrgh – Treasure Hunt Team 2015

Sarah H. – Captain
Greg S. – Driver
Cindy S.
Julia A.
Dave A.
Laura R.

Team Grrr…Arrgh – Treasure Hunt Team 2007-2012

Cindy S. – Team Captain
Greg S. – Driver
Dave M.
Jani R.
Julia A.
Laura R.
Sarah H.
Terry O.
(Occasional subs: Ray O., Dave A.)

Our Record

Spring 2015 – 12th Place
Spring 2012 – 7th Place
Fall 2011 – 23rd Place (WTF?)
Spring 2011 – (? We don’t remember)
Fall 2010 – 7th Place
Spring 2010 – 14th Place (Arrggghhhh)
Fall 2009 – 5th Place
Spring 2009 – Planned Hunt | About | Results |
Fall 2008 – 10th Place
Spring 2008 – 3rd Place!
Fall 2007 – 7th Place (three one timers, four novices)

A Night of Fun! Challenge Your Friends!

Your Challenge: Solve Ten Puzzles that lead you throughout the Dayton area looking for hidden discs at local businesses. Be the first to the party site and win prizes!
Your Team: 3-8 people in one vehicle with a good sense of humor and love of puzzles
Your Reward: Food and drinks, a job well done and meeting new friends