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Airship Passepartout is the Dayton, OH steampunk group which was started in 2010 shortly after the World Steam Expo in Deerborn Michigan. Cindy & I traveled there to see Abney Park, the premier steampunk band, and to find out more about the steampunk movement in general. The band was amazing as we assumed they would be, but we were also hooked on the whole steampunk aesthetic in general. We met several people during our short day trip, but we set about on our journey to find a local steampunk group to join.

In July 2010 after having no luck finding a local group we started our own called the Dayton Steampunk Interest Group. After several monthly meetings trying to get our bearings and with dwindling attendance we decided to put things on hold for a while. In January 2011 we traveled to Ohayocon, an anime con, in Columbus which had a steampunk focus that year. There we met many people in the steampunk community from Columbus and a few from Cincinnati and gathered some much needed resources and some garb.

Airship Passepartout Urban Nights 2011April 2011 saw the new launch of our Steampunk group as Airship Passepartout and our first real event: a group stroll through Dayton’s Urban Nights. A twice a year celebration of the arts and entertainment district. This first gathering drew a small crowd, but we became the core or what has continued to grow.

Now two years later we now meet and hold events on a monthly basis and travel to events in other cities together under the Airship Passepartout flag. We are planning on launching a full website by the Summer of 2013 and have an Airship Passepartout shop on CafePress where you can buy trinkets.
We are currently gearing up for the 2013 Steampunk Empire Symposium to defend our title as the winners of last year’s Steampunk Games!

Airship Passepartout 2013 Dayton, OH

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in steampunk or just have questions about what it is all about!

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