I don’t really believe in astrology, however I do find it fun to look up my charts and see what I can interpret from them. The main reason I don’t believe in astrology is that I really do not think the major personal traits of over seven billion humans can be defined into twelve categories based on what point of the they were born.

That being said it is interesting how many people in Western culture know their astrological sign and place some credence in the meaning. Most people, like me, will say something about it along with the caveat that they don’t really believe in it.

So, what sign am I you may ask? Well, I am a Gemini, hence the Gemini image at the top. But I am not just any type of Gemini. When I looked up my full chart I found that I have six elements in Gemini:

Sun – Gemini
Moon – Gemini
Venus – Gemini
Mars – Gemini
True Lilith – Gemini
Mid Heaven – Gemini

Sun in Gemini
So, what does the Sun sign mean?
Gemini Sun Sign Write Up

Well here are some basics elements for Gemini:

Zodiac Symbol: Twins
Duration: 20 May – 21 June
Constellation: Gemini
Zodiac Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Mutable
Sign ruler: Mercury
Detriment: None
Exaltation: Jupiter
Fall: South Node

Moon in Gemini
Gemini Moon Sign Write Up

Venus in Gemini
Gemini Venus Sign Write Up

Mars in Gemini
Gemini Mars Sign Write Up

So what does it all mean?
Now after reading all of these in conjunction they do point out some positive personality traits as well as some negative ones. While many of these do fit me I also find that with some effort you can mitigate the negative aspects of your personality. So, how true is my full chart and am I bound by it? I don’t believe so. I do believe that by reading more about your signs you can ask some great questions about yourself and how others see you. Then try to emphasise the positive aspects yourself and minimize the negative tendencies that you are now aware.