Author: Greg Simerlink


I don’t really believe in astrology, however I do find it fun to look up my charts and see what I can interpret from them. The main reason I don’t believe in astrology is that I really do not think the major personal traits of over seven billion humans can be defined into twelve categories based on what point of the they were born. That being said it is interesting how many people in Western culture know their astrological sign and place some credence in the meaning. Most people, like me, will say something about it along with the...

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Website Hosting

Website Hosting I have been running websites since back in the olden days (the mid 90’s) and have used many different website hosts for my various sites. Some were small local hosting companies, others were large global names who I later grew to disdain. At present I use three different services to host my personal and professional websites: HostGatorĀ Namecheap and FatCow. All three of them provide reliable website hosting, have great customer service, are competitively priced and care about the web community. Why do you need Website Hosting? If you want a website then you need website hosting. There...

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