Dubai – The Rise of a Desert City

If you pay attention to modern buildings and skyscrapers then you have seen Dubai in the news quite often in the past decade.  The city is now home to over 900 high-rises and shows no sign of slowing down. In addition it is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa rising 2,717 feet. I do realize that there are both good and bad points to all of this construction, however high-rises are more efficient than sprawl and I am am primarily focused on buildings, their style and their beauty.

I have listed just eight of the skyscrapers which I find most interesting in Dubai, however there are dozens more that have unique features and styles which are worth exploring. This isn’t even including all of the other amazing buildings and other man made structures in Dubai.

Personally, I plan on visiting this amazing place at least once in my life, but there is so much to see and do it might have to be more. If anybody would like to help me out and fund a trip for me I would not be opposed 🙂

Amazing time lapse video of Dubai!

Buildings of Note in Dubai:

Burj Khalifa - Dubai - Tallest Building in the World

Burj Khalifa

Special Notes: The tallest building and structure in the world
Height: 2,717 feet
Floors: 163
Usage: Multi-Use: Residential, Entertainment, Dining, Retail
Year: 2010
Burj Khalifa website

Princess Tower - Dubai

Princess Tower

Special Notes: The tallest all residential structure in the world
Height: 1,355 feet
Floors: 101
Usage: Residential
Year: 2012
Princess Tower Information

Almas Tower - Dubai, UAE

Almas Tower

Special Notes: The tallest all-office building in the world
Height: 1,180 feet
Floors: 68
Usage: Office
Year: 2008
Almas Tower website

Burj Al Arab - Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Arab

Special Notes: The world’s most luxurious hotel. Shaped like a sail to mimic shoreline location.
Height: 1,053 feet
Floors: 60
Usage: Hotel
Year: 1999
Burj Al Arab Website

Infinity Tower - Dubai, UAE

Infinity Tower

Special Notes: The infinity tower has a slender design that spirals by 90º
Height: 1,004 feet
Floors: 76
Usage: Residential
Year: 2013 (Under Construction)
Infinity Tower Website

Al Kazim Twin Towers - Dubai, UAE

Al Kazim Twin Towers

Special Notes: Twin towers in an Art Deco style
Height: 2,717 feet
Floors: 163
Usage: Office, Retail
Year: 2008
Al Kazim Website

The Address - Dubai, UAE

The Address Downtown Dubai

Special Notes: Sophistocated hotel in the heart of Dubai
Height: 991 feet
Floors: 63
Usage: Hotel
Year: 2008
The Address Website

Emirates Office Tower - Dubai, UAE

Emirates Towers

Special Notes:
Height: 1,165 &  1,014 feet
Floors: 54 & 56
Usage: Hotel, Retail
Year: 2000
Emirates Towers Website