These are a few of my favorite things

Here are a few of my favorite things in this world which I would  like to share with you. You might not find them as interesting as me, but if you do like any of the following topics I will continue to delve deeper into them and share interesting articles, facts, photos and thoughts as I come across them. Most of these things will be posted on my Pinterest boards, but here is my chance to in depth and give my take on any number of aspects.


Buildings, Cityscapes, Houses, Floorplans, Architecture Firms, Renovation Companies, Builders. These are just a few of the topics I will be covering in this section. If you find something interesting feel free to pass it along, but none of these will be sponsored or paid posts.


Interior Design, Landscaping, Furniture, Lighting, Hardware, Wall Art, Product Design. Decor is all around us and it affects our mood and sense of well being. As items and designs pass by me I will be sure to post items that speak to me and I feel others will like as well.


Biking, Hiking, Running, Lifting, Aerobic Activity, Weight Loss, Structured Races. These are just a few of my fitness areas of interest and ones that I have investigated and participated in within the past year. I am trying to constantly improve and as I do I do quite a bit of research and experimentation. I’ll pass along what I have learned and what has worked for me.

Mapping / GIS

Maps, USGS Quads, Mapping Programs, Map Websites. I have loved looking at maps every since I was young. In my 20’s I was a cartographer and a CAD jockey working on a variety of GIS projects for local and state governments and utilities. Now I just love looking at all the mapping apps and maps. If you love and appreciate maps I will share all of my finds.


Bands, Labels, Zines, Apps, Reviews. Music has been a major part of my life since I was young. I’ve played in several types of bands and had a reasonable amount of success as a musician in my early 20’s. I also ran a label, music review zine / site and distribution channel. I’m somewhat removed from the local scene, but I still like seeking out new music and love sharing my finds!


Airships, Cons, Designers, Music, Fashion. I came into Steampunk in 2010 and have become fairly immersed. My wife and I head up the local Steampunk group, Airship Passepartout, and are quite active in the community. My areas of focus are music and fashion, but I will be sharing many of the great finds I come across.

Web / Technology

Websites, Design, SEO, Development, Programming, Technology. This just encompasses so very much in my world that it is almost a catch all, yet it does have a specific focus.