Architecture Enthusiast

Yes, I’ll admit it I am an architecture enthusiast. I enjoy and respect buildings created in almost any style and love to find out more about them. For quite a while in my youth I dreamed of becoming an architect, but that was not to come to pass. I did obtain an AAS in Architecture Technology though.
In this section I have links to interesting buildings, architects, floorplan, cityscapes, design builders and projects from around the world that have captured my imagination. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.



Creating Cove Lighting for an Older Home

I love design / decor as well as LED lighting, so I’ve been including LED lights in various places throughout my house. However, they have always been small accents which are either remote controlled or attached to battery packs. At many home shows, I have seen...

Dubai – The Rise of a Desert City

Dubai – The Rise of a Desert City If you pay attention to modern buildings and skyscrapers then you have seen Dubai in the news quite often in the past decade. ┬áThe city is now home to over 900 high-rises and shows no sign of slowing down. In addition it is home...