What’s all this I hear about Steampunk lately? Well, steampunk has been gaining in popularity and it does really seem like it will hit a tipping point sometime in 2013-2014 and cross over into the mainstream.

My wife and I started to really get into steampunk in 2010 when we traveled to the now defunct World Steam Expo in Deerborn, MI to see Abney Park. Once we returned we searched for a Dayton area steampunk group with no luck. So we decided to form our own and we had regular meetings for about six months before we eventually created Airship Passepartout and solidified the group.

If you’d like to know more about steampunk feel free to peruse the links and get a feel for things. If you are in the Dayton area feel free to join us on our Airship Passepartout Facebook Page and join us at any of our monthly events. We will soon be launching a full Airship Passepartout website as well. So stay tuned and look to the skies (and the web).

Steampunk - Circle City Aerodrome 2013

Photos from the Circle City Aerodrome 2013 (Indianapolis, IN)

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Steampunk - Cincinnati Salon April 2013

Cincinnati League of Steampunk Salon - April 2013

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