Fitness Results 2015 – Year in Review

I have been tracking my fitness progress since 2011 using a variety of apps & programs, most recently Map My Fitness, Strava and FitBit Surge. Each element has its benefits and drawbacks, however I will be continuing to use all three in 2016.


First a quick bit of background. In 2011 I decided that I had enough of being out of shape and overweight. I eventually lost over 50 pounds and  have maintained a fairly consistent workout regime. You can read about my weight loss journey here: Fitness, Body Image, BMI & Health
Now onto a quick look at my statistics for 2015:

201 – Total workouts for 2015  
I only count structured workouts based on fitness routines, bike rides and runs. My breakdown of each activity is listed below

121 – P90X Workouts
Includes both P90X and P90X3. I went through most of the P90X3 cycle early in 2015 but found that I really was not in the proper shape to be getting everything out if the program. Once riding season had started I switched to a mixture of biking and the weight based programs of P90X. In December I started a full cycle of standard P90X.

58  – Bike Rides
1,018.15 Miles overall with an average ride length of 17.5 miles. As the year progressed I tended to ride 20-25 each ride with an average speed of 16.8 mph. I purchased a Cannondale Synapse Carbon in April and have made that my primary bike with some of my other rides taken on my Trek 7.3 and even a couple on my old Raleigh M20.
22 – Runs
71.45 Miles overall with an average length of just under three miles each. I really didn’t run much in 2015 and only participated in one race, the Tough Mudder. Most of my runs were street running in my plat with a few times at Sugarcreek Metro Park which has a great trail that is exactly a 5k.

168,550 Calories Burned
This loosely equates 48.15 Pounds! However my weight really did not change at all this year, except that I gained a couple of pounds. I am sure that I added some muscle mass, but really weight loss comes from what you eat and I let myself slide a bit in that respect. 

Goals for 2016
– Bring my workout total to over 250 for the year
– Take over 75 bike rides and make them longer on average. I really enjoy biking and need to make more time for this activity.
– Run a lot more. I don’t consider myself a runner but in 2013 when I ran fairly regularly I was able to bring my time for a mile to just about 8 minutes sustained over the length of a 5k. Right now it hovers at about 10:20. I also noticed that I get the best overall workout from runs.
– The calorie burn will come, but I really need to lose some of the weight that has crept back over the past two years so taking a look at my diet closely again will be a primary focus for me this year. 
– Run at least one mud run, most likely the Spartan race since I have yet to try that one and several of my friends have said it’s a blast!