It’s now 2020 and not only time to review my fitness goals from 2019, but to take account of the past decade. I started my latest fitness journey in 2011, and almost every year I have written up a year in review to analyze what I have achieved and set goals for the next year. These past two years have been the most challenging in regard to meeting my goals and keep my motivation high. However, 2019 was better than 2018 and I see this new decade moving even more in a positive direction.

I have been tracking my fitness results since 2011 using a variety of apps & programs, most recently Map My FitnessStrava and  FitBit. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks, however, I will be continuing to use all three in 2020 as well as Zwift which I started using in December. Feel free to friend me on any of them. I also have a post from several years ago where I talk about fitness and weight loss in general: Fitness, Body Image, BMI & Health

While I am not too far overweight, the past two years have been my highest since I started tracking my fitness stats. There are several reasons for the gain and lack of progress losing it, but it really comes down to portion control and will power. My highest priority goal in 2020 is to get back to and retain the weight of my preferred zone (175-190). I have made some small progress in 2019, but this coming year & decade will be the perfect time to achieve my goal.

A look at my actual statistics for 2019:

118 – Total workouts for 2019
I had planned on doing at least 100 workouts, plus 1000 miles of rides and 50 miles of running. I did not meet the total goals, but did meet some objectives and felt more on par with past years. My months were uneven with several containing 14+ and others 5 or less. I do feel that with the addition of my new indoor bike trainer I will be able to keep my numbers more consistent throughout the year.  Overall I worked out 32% of the year, so almost every third day, which is a good pace but one that I feel needs to go higher.

54 – P90X Workouts

I started out the year strong with almost all of these workouts occurring in the first three months of the year, but then fell off the plan. I do enjoy these workouts and feel they are a great benefit to my overall fitness. Once again I will try to make it through a full cycle of the program as well as throw in random workouts throughout the remainder of the year to help augment my other modes of exercise.


64 – Bike Rides

TD Five Boro Bike Tour, 2018

In total, I broke my goal of 1000 miles this year, by riding 1,204 miles in total in 64 rides. This was a doubling of my milage in 2018 and I feel a lot better about my biking opportunities here on the coast. My favorite place to bike is still on the outer bank islands along the Jersey shore and I was able to ride almost every mile of accessible trail/road from Cape May to Sandy Hook. However, with the close proximity of Philadelphia and NYC, I have been able to enjoy their amazing trails and scenery as well. Overall a majority of my rides still occur near my house or near my work, which both afford me some nice scenery and places where I don’t have to worry about the traffic too often.

2019_Total_RidesThis year I participated in three structured rides as well as took a few longer rides on my own.
Structured Rides:
  • Five Boro Bike Tour – 42 miles through all five boroughs of New York City including a ride over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge
  • MS City to Shore Ride – 75 miles from Cherry Hill (Philadelphia suburb) to Ocean City, NJ. My longest ride to date
  • Philadelphia BND – 12 miles through the heart of Philadelphia

Favorite Unstructured Rides:

  • Cape May to Avalon – 27 miles
  • Asbury Park to Sandy Hook round trip – 42 miles
  • Philadelphia Art Museum to Valley Forge round trip – 45 miles
  • Statue of Liberty Park to Hoboken round trip – 22 miles

See my interactive Strava Heat Map for 2019: Greg Simerlink Biking Heat Map




0 – Runs
Nothing again, not even a treadmill this year. How lame is that? I really need to correct this and get back into doing some running.

General Activity
There are many chances to get activity locally and my daily step count average for 2019 was 9,947. With both NYC & Philadelphia being close by there is a lot of walking to be done while seeing all of the amazing sights. Also, our house has a lot of trees and quite a bit of yard maintenance is required. Overall, I would much rather ride or lift than do yard care since I like to sweat and get my heart rate up while targeting specific muscle groups. I’m sure I will be doing plenty of yard work this coming year, but I don’t want to be trapped by my yard.

Healthy Eating
I have been eating fairly healthily for years and since my big overhaul in 2011, I really do not have many bad things to cut out. Overall I know that my consumption of sugar is too high and I drink alcohol too frequently. This past year I tried to see how often I could eat vegan meals and see if I felt like transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. While I did have a lot of success and would consider myself 80% vegan I do not feel I am ready for a full shift. This year I have been using Purple Carrot on occasion which has opened up a lot wider variety of vegan options into my diet and has inspired me to get a bit more creative with my meals. In the last half of 2019 I feel I have made the most progress in years and I plan to continue this trend.
Goals for 2020
Weight: Lose 30 pounds
Biking: At least 1,000 miles including at least three major organized rides
Running: 100 miles at a minimum
Workouts: 80 P90X workouts, or any combination of structured workout
Meals: Eat as many vegan meals as possible. Cut back on all snacking other than fruit/nuts/veggies, as well as, reduction of alcohol consumption
General: Support myself & my friends2018 Year in Review
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