Purpose: Website for Decorative Home Hardware eCommerce Company
Year Created: 2015 (Latest Version)
Description: Habitatter.com is an e-commerce site which I launched in April 2008. The original intent was to sell unique decorative switch plates from small artists all across the US and Canada to customers in the US & Canada. After extensive research I found that there was an underserved market for high quality hand crafted home decor throughout the country. I have always had an interest in design & decor and felt that this business would bring together several of my passions. Of course I also had the fortune to launch my company just as the housing market was tanking and most consumers were shying away from discretionary home decor purchases.

Starting with something small but impactful, switch plates, I had planned to branch out into other areas of decorative home hardware. Many of the smaller artist who I distributed had no real web presence and I was able to help expose their creations to a much larger audience. Over the intervening  five years many forces, both internal and external, forced me to change my business model and adapt to the constantly changing situation in the market. In 2014 I switched to a fully dropship model and greatly reduced the product offering, but still keep a focus on unique decorative hardware that you will not find at the standard stores.  Currently Habitatter.com opperates as more of a hobby
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