All Good Things…

Yeah, I know but still! I for one love change and really am not a fan of tradition, but Canal Street Tavern has been such a part of my life I have a hard time seeing it cease to exist as it has for so very long. The very last show at Canal Street Tavern will feature local legends Shrug on November 30th!

For those of you not involved in the Dayton music scene or unfamiliar with Canal Street Tavern it really has been the musicians bar in town since 1981. The whole place is set up to focus on the stage. The music varied from bluegrass to death metal and all takers in between. It was the one place in town where you could play if you were an original band and played music outside the mainstream. So many amazing bands got their start on that stage and you never knew what you were going to discover next.

Among some of the most memorable moments for me:

– Playing my first show with The Oxymorons!
– Being the last place I played on stage (11/24/12)
– Having my first wedding & reception there (Mick gave away the bride!)
– Went on the first date there with my current wife
– Playing on stage to bring in the New Year
– Held several benefit shows there for my old zine Mutant Renegade
– Played my first sold out show

I’m sure I’ve played on that stage over 100 times and have seen hundreds of other bands there over the years. I’ve made countless friends with patrons, fans, employees & musicians at Canal Street. I have shared so many wonderful experiences there I cannot think anywhere else can ever replace it.

So, Mick it was great while it lasted. Thank you for doing so much for the Dayton music community. I for one really appreciated everything you did even if I didn’t always say it. Also thank you to all of the wonderful friends who have worked at Canal Street over the years.

R.I.P Canal Street Tavern…