These are websites that I have created and manage. None of them will win any design awards and maybe they don’t utilize the  most amazing code, but they are functional and serve real purpose. Websites I own and have created range from Music review, band promotion, a charity event, a local cosplay group and an e-commerce site.

A few of the sites are true archives and have not been updated in a decade or more. I believe that one of the great functions of the web is to keep information alive and accessible to everybody. I feel that I can do my part by keeping useful information hosted and maintained.


The ChickenFish Speaks Website

The ChickenFish Speaks Purpose: Website for the Dayton based Zine the ChickenFish Speaks Year Created: 2015 (Latest Version) Description: The ChickenFish Speaks rose out of the ashes of the old Dayton based print zine Mutant Renegade Zine. Started in 2002 and... – e-Commerce Purpose: Website for Decorative Home Hardware eCommerce Company Year Created: 2015 (Latest Version) Description: is an e-commerce site which I launched in April 2008. The original intent was to sell unique decorative switch plates from...