The Oxymorons – Dayton Indie Rock (89-94)

The Oxymorons! was a Dayton based indie band that I was involved in during my early twenties / college years. It was the only band I’ve been a member of that had any real success and was my one experience of a band that truly gelled and was greater than the sum of its parts.

We came together in May of 1989 and played our first show a month later. Quite a bit was accomplished during our first six months including our first release and playing about a dozen shows in the Dayton area. However, our drummer then quit and we went on a hunt for a replacement. Once we had our new lineup we went on a four year run or fun, friendship and music before it all ended in 1994. 

In November 2012 the three surviving members of the Oxymorons! got back together for the first time in 18 years to remember our fallen friend, Ben Schelker, on the 15th anniversary of his passing. We were joined onstage by several of our friends from the Dayton music community and played before a packed house at Canal Street Tavern. To see pictures from the show please go to the Oxymorons Facebook page

Basic Information about the Oxymorons!

Ben Schelker – Vocals / Guitar
Patrick Jones – Vocals / Guitar
Greg “Grog” Simerlink – Bass / Vocals
Nick Atkinson – Drums (90-94)
Pat Hennigan – Drums (89)

The Oxymorons – The Oxymorons – Cassette – 1989
The Oxymorons – Bash On, Regardless– Cassette – 1990
The Oxymorons – St. Jude – 7″ – 1991
The Oxymorons – Dancing on Billy’s Grave – CD- 1993
The Oxymorons – Skeletons from Our Closet – Cassette – 1994


Some Compilations Featuring Unreleased The Oxymorons! Songs

Piledriver – 1992 Sub-Mission Records – 7″

Life Goes On
(Sinkhole, Kid with Man Head, FAQ)

Songs about Drinking – 1992 Too Many Records CD
Cheep Beer
(Blanks 77, The Fumes, Strawman, etc.)

1101 East 2nd Street – 1994 Poke-A-Moose Records CD
(Cage, Walaroo South, Jayne Saches, etc.)

Diversified Chaos – 1994 Motherbox Records CD
Stand Outside
(Horace Pinker, Brom Bones, Sleepasaurus, etc.)

Shreds Volume 5, Early 90’s Underground – 1996 Shredder Records CD
Unearthing Your Grave
(The Fiendz, Strawman, etc.)

Ubu Dance Party – Tribute to Pere Ubu – 1996 Dutch East Records 2CD
(38 Ohio Bands: Brainiac, Scrawl, RC Mob, New Bomb Turks, Pet UFO, etc.)

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