Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret XII – This is Halloween! (End of an Era)

This was the twelfth Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret and the last one with me at the helm and the last sponsored by the Airship Passepartout. I have taken a job with Spencer’s Gifts / Spirit Halloween and now live in NJ! But don’t despair, Z & Mattie from Troupe Roja have agreed to take over the event and carry on the fun & excitement! As per tradition, all guests to the event were “becatted” by the Airship Passepartout door crew: Cindy, Angie, Tom, Mike, Sabrina, Angela & Bryan. Over 250 people attended in total and were treated to an amazing night of fun, frivolity, and sexiness!

A selection of Hand Cats!

A selection of Hand Cats!

As time goes on Yellow Cab Tavern keeps evolving and now they have a full liquor license which has brought with it many positive changes while they still retain the fun underground feel we all love. It’s no longer the BYOB event space it was four years ago, instead of is an eclectic mix of art space, performance venue and local pub.

At the start of the evening at Yellow Cab Tavern!

At the start of the evening at Yellow Cab Tavern!

We had several great photographers in attendance who captured all of the amazing performances including Rob Badger & Helix Coil. Please see links to their photos and a video set at the bottom of this post!


Some of the many Vendors

Some of the many Vendors

The vendor’s room was once again filled with many favorite craftspeople plus a few new faces: Sew Late at NightFree Pirates for HireDark Crescent Studio, Rose & Gear, Sylvan Creations, Book of Holdings, Squid Pro Quo, Lissa Lush, Rusty Clementine,  Whimsically Obsessed, Marianne C. Jackson, Dark Crescent Studio, Creative Creations and this event’s foodtruck The Drunken Waffle!

The K & B Dream Team

The K & B Double Dream Team - Hopping & Lyre Hoop (Dayton, OH)

The K & B Double Dream Team – Hopping & Lyre Hoop (Dayton, OH)

The evening started off with the always delightful Kelsey Jean teaming up with Brandy to form the K & B Double Dream Team! Each lady did a solo performance and then as a closer, they teamed up for a dual Lyre hoop experience that was mesmerizing.

See Video of K&B Double Dream Team

DaShane Starfox

DaShane Starfox Fire Dancer (Cincinnati, OH)

DaShane Starfox Fire Dancer (Cincinnati, OH)

DaShane performed at the very first Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret back in 2014 and has been at a majority of them since always delighting the crowd with his fire-spinning skills. Tonight he added more sparks than ever to his set and gave all of us a show to remember!

Miss Stixen Stones

Miss Stixen Stones - Draglesque (Cincinnati, OH)

Miss Stixen Stones – Draglesque (Cincinnati, OH)

Miss Stixen Stones once again graced our event with her pose and gravitas. This time she really embraced the theme and summoned something beautiful, dangerous and erotic! Later in the evening, she returned as a bride with a dark red secret for the anticipating crowd.

Miss Stixen Stones Video

Troupe Hexa

Troupe Hexa - Burlesque (Dayton, OH)

Troupe Hexa – Burlesque (Dayton, OH)

The lovely ladies of Troupe Hexa put on an amazing burlesque show consisting of three performances featuring different members of the troupe. Then as a finale, that featured four of these devastatingly gorgeous & talented women, they turned a 1940’s cocktail party into a cannibalistic feast!

Lilth – Vampire Performance Video
1940’s Cannibalistic Feast Video

Troupe Roja

A Taste of Troupe Roja - Bellydance (Dayton, OH)

A Taste of Troupe Roja – Bellydance (Dayton, OH)

Troupe Roja totally stunned the crowd with an amazing storyline set featuring breathtaking costumes and bellydance skills beyond compare!

Very brief video of Troupe Roja

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow (Lexington, KY)

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow (Lexington, KY)

Next up the always fun & dangerous Tinderbox Sideshow Circus packing an hour and a half show into 25 minutes of pure insanity! Mixing a healthy dose of traditional sideshow in with totally unique, world record-breaking, vignettes this trio always amazes everybody in the place.

Skye Amos Wolf

Skye Amos Wolf - Fire Dancing (Dayton, OH)

Skye Amos Wolf – Fire Dancing (Dayton, OH)

The weather was perfect for the talent and breathtaking beauty of Skye! Her command of dance, flame and theatre was evident as she became one with her props and had the poise & grace of a sleek animal totally at ease.

Video of Skye Amos Wolf

Curse of Cassandra

Curse of Cassandra - Electro Witch Music (Dayton, OH)

Curse of Cassandra – Electro Witch Music (Dayton, OH)

Curse of Cassandra returned once again to our stage which they were first featured at our first event back in 2014! The electronic witch music duo has continued to grow in songwriting skills, stage presence, and overall appeal each and every time I see them. Bringing their Cult of Cats back to the Yellow Cab was a perfect mix for the mood of the crowd and puurfect for the event. Meow.

Ford Theatre Reunion

Ford Theatre Reunion - Circus Punk (Lexington, KY)

Ford Theatre Reunion – Circus Punk (Lexington, KY)

After another performance each from Stixen and Hexa it was time for our headliners Ford Theatre Reunion. What can I say about one of my favorite bands in the world? Well, I can say that not only are the way more talented than they realize but that they are amazing people who bring joy to so many people’s lives as they travel the country. Ford Theatre Reunion was the first band I helped book after a long pause and set me on the path to establishing these events.

Tonight was very special and they played songs which they haven’t brought out in years including the song that they wrote for Dayton! As always they made a spectacle of themselves in the best possible way and the energy of the night rose to its highest point.  All I can say is “FTRFTW”!

Video – Ford Theatre Reunion (end of) The Final Sermon of Pelias Peachpale
Video – Ford Theatre Reunion (end of) Sons & Daughters

DJ V-Ral

DJ V-Ral (Cincinnati, OH)

DJ V-Ral (Cincinnati, OH)

The night ended with tunes being mixed out by the amazing DJ V-Ral who has graced our events since near the start. Always a great dance mix and tonight they kept things going until we shut the place down at 2:30!

Yellow Cabaret Compendium

Featuring links to the first seven events, plus links to all the photo sets, videos and all of the entertainers! Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret Compendium.  Soon this will be updated with links to all Twelve events!

Photo Sets:

Rob Badger  | Greg Simerlink | Helix Coil | Nicole RichterAll videos from Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret XII

Outside Crowd Shot!

Outside Crowd Shot!