Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret

What is Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret?

Well, I’m glad you asked! At the most basic level it is a series of shows that I am producing in conjunction with my steampunk group Airship Passepartout. However, it really is a lot more than just an event to me and if you’ll allow me to indulge I will spell out my vision for you.

The Philosophy

I am basically throwing a party for myself featuring many of the things that interest me and I hope that they interest many other people as well. I know that there are many interesting & talented people out there who never get enough chances to showcase their talent. Personally, I have been involved in the indie music scene for many years including being in a touring band, running a label and publishing a zine. Coming from a punk / DIY background I like to keep things open and down to the basics. I’m not in this to make money and I try to turn over as much of the door to the performers as possible.

When it all comes down I just want to provide a place where talented people can meet each other and perform and hope that like minded people will show up to enjoy the fun!


While this is not exclusively a steampunk event, my steampunk group, Airship Passepartout, provides much of the volunteer labor and really is what makes these events possible. Steampunk itself is such an exciting, creative, open community that it lends itself to make things like this happen. It blends a lot of the old punk ethos with a love of style, fashion, manners and individuality. Regardless of what you have heard there is no wrong way to do steampunk!

If you’d like to know more about steampunk this page is a decent start, you can also look for steampunk groups near you, here is a page of all the groups that I am aware of: Airship Passepartout list of steampunk airships & affiliated groups.


The Location

The “Old” Yellow Cab Building started off as an actual Yellow Cab Company. Years later the local art collective The Dayton Sideshow started to lease the building for art shows as well as their yearly Circus. Since that time the building was sold to a couple who support the project and are dedicated to making it a wonderful space for all types of creativity to flourish in the Dayton area. Without this space we would not be able to have these shows. There really is no other space like this within hundreds of miles and we are lucky to have the dedicated people who run the space in our community.

The Event

The event itself has been changing slightly as it grows and evolves. I want to keep it changing and fresh, but still keep the same general format. The primary goal is to provide a place for performance artists, craft vendors and artists can showcase their talents. The entry cost is kept low, but still can cover all the performer expenses, so that almost anybody can afford to attend and still have money to buy items from the vendors / artists and still be able to drink & buy food from the food truck! The event itself last for eight hours and hopefully will not leave you feeling you didn’t get your fill.


While the focus is on the Dayton area, the performs come from all over with most being in the tri-state area. I am working to bring in a bigger array of acts so that as many talented people as possible get a chance. Everybody who has performed so far has been amazing, but I don’t want things to get stale.

If you are a performer and are interested just get a hold of me. What am I looking for? Well, so far we have had bands, DJs, bellydance troupes, circus sideshow acts, fire dancers, burlesque dancers and more. If you have something interesting that you would like to showcase let me know. I typically cannot guarantee a lot, but I will get you as much as I can


Craft vendors add such a great element to any show and I really love the diversity of their wares / services. Most of the vendors sell items that appeal to the basic steampunk / indie / punk / circus / outsider crowd.

If you are interested in vending please get in touch. We typically have 10-12 vendors per show with spaces both indoors and outdoors. The cost of a table is $10, which also gets you one ticket to the show. If you bring along a helper they are also $10 each. So basically you are paying for a presale ticket to the event and getting to set up your table for free.


If you would like to showcase your paintings or other artwork that doesn’t require a table you can do that too. It’s similar to being a vendor, but you don’t need to sit at a booth. You can hang display your items and leave some contact cards nearby. We’ll have them where volunteers are watching things so you needn’t worry. Cost to do this is a $10 presale ticket.


Would you like to help out? We do have quite a few volunteers who handle set up, informal security and the door. However, I always need help promoting the events and getting the word out. If you would like to join the YC street team get in touch and I will tell you how you can help!

Everything Else

I would like to stress that this is something that is done for fun with no financial asperations. I cannot say how long this will last or if it will always be this way, but for now this is the plan. To be fair not all events can do this and they have to pay everybody involved. I see myself as a volunteer as well and am here just to help make this happen.

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